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Check Out Some Of The Looks Style Infuencers Rocked During This Lockdown

May 21, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Due to the lockdown, whether partial or total, going on in most parts of the world, many activities have ceased, and there hasn't been a need to dress up. However, though, life has to go on.

Whether by working from home or creating style and fashion content, many style influencers have not been deterred by the pandemic. We have seen these influencers rocking many styles from home, including a cereal box as a fashion accessory, and we are in awe at how unique and beautiful these styles are.

Here are some of the ones we love. 

Scarves: A lot of style influencers, including Ronke Raji and Kiitana, have been rocking headscarves since the lockdown began, whether to protect their hair, for naturalistas, or just as a fashion accessory.

Headscarves help to accentuate people's facial features and achieve a relaxed look. Whether with silk scarves or print scarves, the look always turns out very chic. Pairing an African wax print scarf, with a white Tee and plaid pants would have you looking fly like Kiitana here.

Hoodies: Hoodies and sweatpants have officially become the most worn outfit during this lockdown. Lots of people have taken to wearing this comfortable piece of clothing, whether to go to work, watch a movie, or just lie in bed.

There are many ways in which a hoodie can be styled with other outfits to become a trendy fashion look. Hafymo served looks with her brown hoodie, nude pants, and monochrome pair of shoes.

Maxi Dresses: Maxi dresses which are form-fitting at the top, and loose flowing at the bottom, are one of the most casual outfits in fashion. Although some form of maxi dresses can be regarded as formal, if paired with the right accessories, all maxi dresses give off a sophisticated look.

Style Connaisseur styled her flowery print maxi dress with a pair of sunglasses to achieve a comfy lockdown look.

Denim: Denim is a popular sturdy textile in fashion and is featured in style influencers' daily wears. Paired with long-sleeved shirts, or sweaters even, stylists brought out different aspects to styling denim.

Lots of people don't fancy wearing denim at home though because it is not as comfortable as other outfits. But pairing denim shorts with a fancy long-sleeved top would have you feeling comfortable, just like Onyii Bekeh.

So there you have it! Those are some of the styles influencers have been rocking during this lockdown. What styles have you rocked during this lockdown period?


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