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Check Out Some Of The Events Happening This Week That You Can Take Advantage Of As A Fashion Entrepreneur

August 10, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

Just like a new week presents opportunities to meet goals and surpass expectations, it also brings new events and opportunities to network and interact with others. Events and seminars serve as a way to bring like-minded individuals together to gain knowledge from one another. And as a fashion entrepreneur, it is important to interact with professionals and experts in the fashion industry to stay on top of the latest trends and happenings in the industry.

Just like we did last week, here are some of the events happening all through the week that you can take advantage of as a fashion entrepreneur.

Lagos Free Business Clinic 

As a fashion entrepreneur, getting familiar with and utilising some strategies in your business can be quite difficult. Figuring out the best marketing strategies to employ, or even the best awareness medium for your brand can be a tough one for an entrepreneur.

The SME Business Clinic Innovation Hub, a company which aims to grow and create SME solutions that adds value, is organizing the Lagos Free Business Clinic. This event is being organised to analyse in-depth the overall performance, as well as the tools and techniques necessary for the growth of the business.

With many experts and professionals in attendance, this event is going to take place at 2B, Methodist Church, Ikeja on August 12. To register for this event which is slated to start by 9 am, click here.

How Can Fashion Retail Become More Exclusive? 

Fashion Retail stores such as ALARA, aim to bridge the gap between manufacturers and their target audience. By stocking up a range of products with a similar target audience, fashion retailers can serve as the middlemen while satisfying the customer.

This event is organized by Beyond Form to discuss how various types of target audience can be included in the experiences offered by fashion retail. Beyond Form is an explorative fashion-tech studio that is focused on disrupting the fashion system by combining design, technology and innovation.

This event is slated to hold on the 12th August by 7 pm. You can click here to register.

Labor Market In A Post-Pandemic Society 

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly brought a lot of uncertainties for fashion business owners, and changes had to be implemented in many industries. AIER's Bastiat Society Program, the organisers of this webinar, is a global network of business professionals committed to advancing free trade, individual freedom and many more.

With Mudiaga Aluya and Babatunde Ogundiran, this event aims to equip entrepreneurs with the relevant skills needed to meet urgent labour market demands, as well as the competencies to manage future disruptions.

This event is going to hold on the 12th of August by 5 pm. Click here to register.

The Fabric Of Sustainability 

The sustainable way of fashion is an aspect of fashion that seems to be widely accepted these days, as a result of the harmful practices which have damaged our environment. Various brands in the fashion industry are now moving in the sustainable direction from the use of materials, conditions of workers around the world, shaping consumption patterns and so on.

This event is organised to enlighten participants on the impact of sustainable shopping and sustainable fashion production, understand trends for the sustainable fashion industry, network with professionals and so on.

Happening on August 11 by 7 pm, interested people can click here to register.

How To Prevent Burnout And Increase Productivity 

Experiencing a case of burnout as a fashion entrepreneur means experiencing a complete state of exhaustion or overwhelm. Preventing burnout could help a brand in so many ways and this webinar aims to provide participants with practical tools to recognise the signs and symptoms of burn out.

Keller Thomson, who is a wellness and health coach, would be sharing practical tips, ranging from calm living techniques to set firm boundaries, to help tackle burn out and increase productivity.

This event is holding on August 10 by 11 am. To register, click here.

Fashion Entrepreneurs Workshop: Production Preparation 

It's not uncommon for fashion entrepreneurs to outsource production when creating outfits due to certain factors. This event, organised by Rightfully Sewn, aims to enlighten fashion entrepreneurs looking to scale their business by handing off production while ensuring consistent sizing and quality across their fashion line.

This webinar would cover how to compile a comprehensive tech pack, developing a size chart, learning Indus production terminology and resources to source fabrics and notions, developing a garment's cost sheet and many more.

The online event is going to hold on the 15th of August by 3 pm. You can click here to register.

Those are some of the events happening all through the week that you can take advantage of! 

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