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Check Out Some Of The Events Happening This Week That Fashion Business Owners Can Take Advantage Of

July 06, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

A new week means a week filled with great opportunities for your brand. As a fashion brand or business owner, the exposure and insight you acquire from events, whether physical or virtual, goes a long way for your brand, especially in terms of growth.

Apart from the fact that attending events opens up networking opportunities with professionals and like-minded individuals, it also avails business owners the chance of marketing products and services to prospective clients. In light of this, here are some events happening this week that would be beneficial to you as a fashion business owner.

Deliberate Practices For Winning In Life And Work 

Having a work-life balance can be one of the most challenging situations for an entrepreneur, and while not finding a balance has led to the closure of many startups, winning at life and work can greatly grow your brand to the next level.

Organized by the founder of The Work-Life Organization, and author of The Harmonised Life, Nkem Offonabo, this event is to help business owners define their vision and map out strategies to living a productive life. It will be held alongside career and leadership development professionals.

This event is holding on July 6 by 6 pm. To register, click here.

Scaling Your Business In 2020

Octopus Ventures, which is one of Europe's largest and most active venture capital firms that invests in startups, in collaboration with Erevena, is hosting an online event for founders and senior business leaders looking to scale their businesses in 2020 and beyond.

The session would feature panel discussions, topics on new considerations for scaling your business in 2020, ideas about how to present your business when looking to fundraise, as well as question and answer sessions with experts with different perspectives and experiences. 

The event is slated to hold virtually on June 9 by 4 pm. To register for this event, click here.

Designing The New Digital Organization 

As more opportunities in the fashion industry are being tapped into due to digitalization, just like Hanifa presenting a virtual runway show, business owners need to start thinking of a recovery plan where digital will play a center stage, especially in these unstable times.

Organized by NASSCOM, this session, with many growth and strategy experts, is to equip business owners to rethink digital capabilities and make sure they are at par with competition to meet accelerated demand and many more.

This event will hold virtually on the 9th of July by 5 pm. Interest participants can click here to register.

How To Set Up Your Brand To Win In The Marketplace 

This webinar is organized by the Business Essentials Summit, and it was designed to help business owners discover ways in which their brands, including fashion brands, can stand out. With a lot of competitions in the fashion industry these days, fashion business owners need to put in an extra effort.

This webinar is going to be presented by Graham Robertson, who is a marketer and the founder of a boutique brand consulting firm, Beloved Brands Inc.

The event is holding virtually on July 8 by 8 pm. Click here to register.

DTC Growth Strategies 

Growth is an important factor in any business as it is a way of getting a large percentage of target customers to experience the core values of a startup as quickly as possible.

This session is organized to discuss the best practices for startups as they plan their marketing and growth strategy, with Erica Amatori, a marketing and growth expert.

Holding on the 10th of July by 7 pm, this event would focus on growth strategies for direct-to-consumer startups. You can click here to register.

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