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Check Out How Fashion Entrepreneurs Can Apply For The GSE Accelerator Program

August 26, 2020 | by bolu | 1 Comment

For small companies and brands, including fashion brands, to grow, there needs to be a level of external support. Most fashion entrepreneurs apply for grants and competitions where the prizes acquired or knowledge gained can be used to expand their businesses or increase customer satisfaction.

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The Global Startup Ecosystem, a company that was designed to support startup companies in emerging markets from countries all around the world, has recently announced that SMEs from different industries, including the fashion industry, can apply to their accelerator program.

About Global Startup Ecosystem

Global Startup Ecosystem is the world's first digital accelerator and one of the largest digital ecosystem development platforms. They aim to support small and medium scale entrepreneurs by equipping them with the strategies needed for surviving in a digital age.

Their accelerator program is known to support 1,000 startup companies from about 90 countries yearly. The program is designed to focus on business development, personal development, as well as, career development for the business owners.

The accelerator program is designed to run for 4 weeks and would feature expert speakers from around the world who would be training the entrepreneurs with successful applications.

The program is set to run from September 1st to 30th, and with boot camps surrounding entrepreneurship, personal branding and mental resilience, business owners are sure to gain a lot.

The deadline for the Global Startup Ecosystem accelerator program is August 28. Here are some of the things you need to know before applying.

Application Process 

The Global Startup Ecosystem accelerator program is open to small business owners, startup founders, professionals, and even freelancers in Africa, amongst others.

Details of the business owner and company, such as the name, email address, location of the brand and many more, would have to be provided during the application process. Because the program has a number of corporate companies looking to hire after the program, a detailed resume might have to be provided, however, this is not mandatory.

As a fashion brand owner with a keen interest in sales and business development, you would have to select the skill sets you have. Details around the current source of funding of the brand, if any, and the amount of fund needed by the brand would have to be provided also.

Towards the end of the application process, business owners would have to sell themselves and their brand in a way that is convincing to the organisers because they need to know why they should choose that particular business owner. This is why having a good pitch is very important.

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Apart from the knowledge they will gain from the 4-week intensive program, selected participants also stand a chance of receiving 250,000 USD worth of free perks and prizes, courtesy of the program sponsors.

The participants also stand a chance of winning media features and potential investment opportunities from investors.

The deadline again for this program is August 28. Click here to apply.

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