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Check Out Events Like The Lagos Fashion Fair, Email Marketing Masterclass That You Can Attend Off/Online This Week

September 14, 2020 | by bolu | 0 Comments

Have you ever had a chance to meet a fashion expert by attending a particular event? Or perhaps, you have been able to rub minds and share ideas with like-minded individuals by virtue of attending an event? All these and more are some of the advantages of attending events, especially as a fashion entrepreneur.

Just like we shared the Business Growth Funnels and many more events that were happening last week, here are some of the events happening this week that you can take advantage of.

Digital Fashion Workout

Just like Anifa Mvuemba warmed up people's hearts to digital fashion by delivering a runway entirely with 3D models, a lot of people are keen on understanding and processing digital fashion.

Hot Second is a world fist circular economy concept store that trades physical garments for digital experiences, and they are the organisers of this event. This event is set to create an open space where people who are curious and emotionally invested in digital fashion can connect, as well as share knowledge and experience of digital fashion for the greater good.

This event is holding on September 14 by 7 pm. To register, you can click here.

Real Talk About Fashion Sustainability: Time To Reinvent The Future

Climate change and the pandemic are causing some conversations to start around the effect of sustainable fashion in the world right now. Just like the organisers, FasRev shared, almost everyone knows about the social implications of the fashion industry's production processes. However, we are still barely uncovering its dramatic consequence on our environment, at large.

This event is organised to have a discussion around fashion sustainability and how both fashion entrepreneurs and customers can change the way we consume fashion to make the world a better place.

Happening on the 15th of September by 9:30 pm, you can click here to register.

Ethical Consumerism: Oxymoron Or Opportunity?

In a world where fast fashion has become the order of the day, what are the possibilities of ethical fashion being sustainable? The Guardian Live which is a programme of discussions, debates, interviews and many more, is organising this event to discuss the world of ethical fashion against the backdrop of the climate and pandemic crisis.

The event would host many fashion experts, including fashion designer, Christopher Raeburn, Fashion Revolution founder, Orsola De Castro, and many more.

This event is going to hold on September 18 by 6:30 pm, and you can click here to register.

Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Strategy For Jewelry Brands

Creating a superb email marketing strategy to reach out to customers and prospective customers is one of the methods of growing your target audience, which translates to more customers. MixCom Media, an agency that specializes in email marketing and retention strategies for e-commerce clients, is the organiser of this event.

This training would cover the best insights on the latest email marketing and list growth strategies to explode sales. Also, strategies that would help get more customers who are similar to your existing customers, as a fashion entrepreneur, would be shared.

Happening on the 19th of September by 2 pm, you can click here to register.

Lagos Fashion Fair

The Lagos Fashion Fair, powered by Atlantic Exhibition, was organised to promote, market, and discover the latest trends within the fashion industry. Just like other exhibitions, the Lagos Fashion Fair allows participants to meet directly with professional managers, decision-makers from the fashion industry, as well as ready-to-wear garment manufacturing companies.

This fair would feature many exhibitions, fashion runway, and masterclasses which would, in turn, help to generate and organise organic sales leads, build business relationships, survey market awareness and many more.

This event is happening all through September 15 till September 17 by 10 am. You can click here to register. The venue is the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

These are some of the events happening all over the world this week, that you can leverage as a fashion entrepreneur.


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