Mauvelli | Adeyeri Adijat On Making The Grey Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Adeyeri Adijat of Khad Apparels Shares On The Creative Process Behind The Grey Ball Gown Bridal Dress

October 27, 2020 | by Iyin | 4 Comments

Making an outfit your clients will love requires a certain level of skill and expertise. The creative process behind each outfit, though similar is basics, is unique in its way as no two clients or fashion designers are the same.

Previously, we have spoken with designers like Adepeju Okunnuga of The Oza Woman, Olamide Ajayi of Mide's Fashion Hub, Rosie Young of Rosie Young Fashion House, amongst others on the process of making different outfits like the customer fave one-strap bridal gown, the corset and tulle skirt ensemble, and the Peach Perfect bridal dress. This week, we spoke with Adeyeri Adijat Yewande on the process of making one of her originals - the Grey Wedding Dress. 


When I asked what color we were working with and she said GREY, my head started doing over calculation, then came what shade of grey and I heard not that common type oooo, it's somehow light like this, every process of getting the right shade was worth it and we are glad it came out just as she expected. Congratulations @mo_oyinda of , may yours be amongst the best. Mua- @zainabazeez Nikkai dress - @khadapparels Henna- @hennaby_Jumai Brides shoe- @prettylittlething Purse- @accessorize_by_rea Photography- @shashaace_photography #HRLOVESTORY #khadapparels #khadbridals #coutoure #weddingdress #nikkahdress #muslimahfashion #muslimbride #madeforqueensπŸ‘‘ #ikoroduvendorsfinder #ikoroduweddings

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Adeyeri Adijat Yewande is the Creative Director and Founder of Khad Apparels, a brand that focuses on curating custom and unique pieces that contribute to the overall confidence of the everyday woman. Khad Apparels offers bridal, ready-to-wear, and bespoke tailoring services. 

What was the Process of Creating the Grey Wedding Gown like?

Most of the time, my brides are not very particular about how they want their wedding dresses to look. They just state the basic silhouette of the dress, like, "I want a ball dress", " I want a mermaid gown", or "I would prefer a 2 in 1 piece".

The bride that ordered the Grey Wedding Gown was pretty much the same, but she was particular about the colour and style she wanted - a grey ball gown wedding dress. Based on experience, I knew her to be a simple person that likes subtle details, so it was easy to conclude on the type of details to add to the dress. 

Due to pandemic and lockdown, her consultation was online, so, I sent her pictures of shades of grey to pick from and shared the dress idea with her. She trusted my judgement and we settled on a design without stress. 

The tulle fabric used for the outfit was very plain and even the bride was sceptical about it when we showed her the first stage of the design process in a video call, but, because she trusted my judgement, she gave the go-ahead for us to forge on. 

"All the extra details on the dress we're needleworks that I put on it. From adding the extra details to the upper bodice to adding the sleeve edge to the edges of the dress and then to the beadwork - let's just say the outfit was a 100 per cent compared piece."

Irrespective of the fact that the bride was a returning client, it had been a while since I had taken her measurements and she had gained some weight due to the lockdown. Seeing as I could not take her measurements in person, because of the traffic in my location, we had to do it virtually. 

"I asked her to get a measuring tape and, with the aid of a video call on WhatsApp, we did a 'do as I do' exercise. WhatsApp has saved me stress so many times."

In the case of the petticoat we used under the dress to give it an extra bounce, I bought a ready-made 8-ring underskirt. We had to brace each layer with a hard net so it could accommodate the weight of the tulle of the wedding dress. Thanks to my team, my crazy idea as not crazy after all. 

"My great team is my secret weapon."


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What Inspired The Wedding Gown Design? 

Her colour was the inspiration behind the dress. She wanted grey, which I envisioned as clouds, so, I felt the best thing to do was to add sparkling beads, which stood as stars to me, to the design. Then, seeing as the client did not want a common shade of grey for the dress, we had to mix 2 shades of grey to get the perfect shade for her. 

What Factors do You Consider when Making a Wedding Dress?

1. The Style.

I always consider the style of dress the bride wants. Is it a mermaid gown, a ball gown, or a 2 in 1 gown? This largely determines the type of dress I will make for her. Since many brides know the silhouette they want their wedding dress to have, I like to find out from them what style best suits them.

Also, the personal style of the bride is important. If she is a simple bride then I do a simple design for her, but if she is a more extravagant bride then I make something that matches her personality. 

2. The Colour. 

The colour the bride wants her wedding in is a huge factor I consider. Does she want a traditional white gown or does she want to go unconventional with pink, grey, green, or any other colour? 


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What Skillset does Bridal Fashion Entail?

Any fashion designer can make bridal outfits as far as they have the right knowledge and the passion for bridals. There is so much more to being a bridal designer and some skills are very important and cannot be overlooked. These include;

1. Corsetry.

Every bridal fashion designer needs to understand the basics of corsetry as most wedding gowns require a corset. To be successful in bridal fashion, it is important to know how to make corsets the right way. 

2. Applique Placement. 

Most wedding dresses are all blinged up with stones and applique so every bridal fashion designer needs to know how to place applique right. Knowing how to place applique right is an essential skill every bridal designer must have. 

3. Train Manipulation. 

Most bridal gowns have trains on them. To be a bridal fashion designer, it is important to know how to manipulate and place trains right. For a bride, her train is very important, so, knowing how to manipulate it is a major skill to have. 

How do you decide on the Type of Fabric to use For Your Bridal Designs? 

1. Fabric Budget.

For my bridal dresses, the budget the bride has for fabric is an important factor to consider. Does she want tulle, lace, satin, or something else? The amount of money she is willing to spend on fabric determines greatly what type of fabric we will use for her dress. 

2. Design.

Some styles look better with certain fabrics. The style a bride wants her dress to be in determines the type of fabric we will use for her dress. Also, the type of design she desires to have on her dress determines what fabric will be used for it. 

3. Bride's Personality.

Every bride has a different personality and on her wedding day, which is one of the most important days of her life, she likes to have her personality well-reflected. If the bride is a simple one, like the bride that ordered the grey wedding dress, then I use a simple fabric, like tulle, for her dress. 

"When it comes to fabric quality I find it hard to compromise because the final result is paramount to me."

With fabric combination, sometimes, the design I want to create determines the fabrics I will combine. Irrespective of the fact that I want to consider the client's budget, I am also keen on the quality of both fabrics.


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What Factors do You Consider When Making Your Bespoke Outfits? 

Most times when it comes to coming up with designs for my pieces, all I do is trust my fingers, in cases when I am draping, and then, I trust my head when necessary. This is because most times I find it difficult to see the uniqueness in my designs myself. 

The major factors I consider when making each piece are;

1. The Fabric.

The fabric the client wants to use for her outfit is an important factor to consider. As stated earlier, some styles look better with certain fabrics. 

Depending on the type of fabric the client wants to use for her outfit, we decide on a style that will best suit her. 

2. The Client's Personality. 

​​​​​Every client has a different personality and that has to go into consideration when making an outfit for her. If the client is extravagant, I make something over the top for her but is she is simple and conservative, I make an outfit with subtle designs for her. 

3. The Event.

I always consider the event the client wishes to wear her outfit to when making a piece for her. Different occasions call for differing styles and designs and we always take note of this. 

In closing, she said, "The word 'patience' is important in every aspect of fashion designing, from pattern drafting to transferring the pattern to the fabric, ironing, sewing, and even packaging. Patience is everything. When it seems like I don't know what I'm doing, I chant the word patience several times. 

It is also important to be flexible (teachable). Even if you have made an outfit style several times there is always a better method and way of doing it."


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