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8 Ways To Build Customer Loyalty For Your Fashion Brand

August 17, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Loyal customers help build a fashion brand in many ways. They are the ones that are always there and ever willing to make a purchase even when peak season is off. 

Every brand needs loyal customers because they are the ones that keep coming back even when others have moved on. These customers play a huge role in the growth of fashion brands as they help ensure that sales always happen. 

What is Customer Loyalty?

Customer Loyalty is the willingness of a customer to return to do business with a particular brand or company, choosing that brand over all their competitors every time. 

Having loyal customers is important for every fashion brand because they help reduce costs on marketing, they are easier to sell new products to, and they are more likely to provide you with word of mouth business. No fashion brand can afford to mistreat or not acknowledge their loyal customers because it can lead to dire consequences.

Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Give Referral Codes and Coupon Codes

One of the best ways to encourage customer loyalty is to give referral codes to customers and encourage them to tell others about your brand so each time another customer uses their referral code, they get discounts on future purchases. This will spur customers to tell everyone they know about your brand just so they can get products at discounted prices.

Another way around this is to give coupon codes on your brand's anniversary or on another special occasion so customers can get discounts on those days, just like Shanyi Organics did on their anniversary. This can make customers keep coming back to your brand because they know you have them in mind and they can gain something from you. 

Focus on What Your Brand Does Best

Customers love to identify a brand with something specific so publicising what your brand does best can help keep customers interested and help them identify with your brand better. You might sell a variety of products and might want to put them all out there at the same time with the same intensity, but the more identifiable you are, the more you trigger who have the same values as you. 

You need to make customers understand what you do and feel like it is something they have been missing all their lives, and cannot live without now that they have discovered it. To achieve this, you need to focus on one thing.

For example, Nike does a variety of sportswear and sporting gear but most people identify Nike with sneakers. This makes their brand identifiable with one product and keeps bringing customers back for more since they are not overwhelmed by a variety of items.

In focusing on what your brand does best, always remember to be the best at that thing because if you are not the best at it, customers will get tired and leave you. Always deliver on quality and value and be consistent in everything you do.

Give Valuable Gifts to Customers

Most people love gifts especially when it is a gift that counts. When a customer makes an order, you can add a little extra something in the form of a gift to delight them. 

When sending gifts with your packages, make sure they are valuable gifts and not gifts that will end up being junk in their closets. For instance, as a ready-to-wear designer, you can send a piece of jewellery that matches with items you send out to customers to excite them, just like the Sewasimilara fashion brand did

Show that You Remember Their Special Day

Everyone loves to be remembered and appreciated on their special day, it gives them a certain thrill and boost. When you show your customers that you remember things like their birthdays, it gives them a soft spot for your brand. 

To get information like birthday details, you can ask customers to provide their special dates when they opt in to your newsletter, if you have any, after visiting your brand's website or doing business with you. 

On their birthdays you can reward them with discounts and send emails to them to show that you care. Just like Macy's that not only sends well-designed emails to their customers on their birthdays, they also offer free shipping on orders just to encourage them to make a purchase. 

Making customers associate you with special days in their lives is sure to build customer loyalty for your brand.

Celebrate Your Customers

Celebrating your customers can be with something as small as sending handwritten thank-you notes to them with purchases they make or posting shoutouts to them on your Instagram story just to show that you appreciate their patronage.

The handwritten thank-you notes show that you took out the time to appreciate them personally as opposed to putting in a preprinted thank-you note in their order. Making customers feel special is sure to get them coming back to you.

Keep in Touch With Customers

Social media is a great platform for fashion brands to keep in touch with their customers. Through your social media pages, you can keep them in the loop of what is happening with your brand and this will, in turn, make them feel like they are an important aspect of your business. 

You can take polls from them on what fashion item to make next and just generally excite them with news concerning your brand. Making them feel like they are part of your brand and the decision-making process in your business will give them a form of ownership and belonging and make them more loyal to your brand. 

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

The importance of premium customer service in building a fashion brand cannot be overstated. Some people come back to brands just because of the customer service they offer. Customers love it when you respond to their queries on time and when you treat them with respect. 

A study by Zendesk and Dimensional Research showed that 89% of customers believe a quick response to an initial inquiry is important when deciding who to buy from. They also found that nearly half of people say they would switch to a competing brand after just one bad service experience, this is why customer service is very important in building customer loyalty.

Which customer loyalty tactics are you going to be implementing in your fashion brand? Do let us know in the comments section below. 



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