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7 Must Have Social Media Marketing Strategies For Fashion Entrepreneurs To Make Business Thrive

May 12, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

With everything that has been happening in the past few months, many businesses are struggling to survive and gain patronage. Customers are buying less and demand for non-essential products has reduced significantly.

Fashion entrepreneurs have also seen a decline in sales and everyone is looking for ways to boost business patronage. Marketing strategist, Adam Erhart, shares in this video 7 things every business owner should add to their social media marketing strategy.

These 7 things will not only help their businesses survive but will also help them thrive in these unprecedented times.

7 Things to Add to your Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Relevance: 

As a fashion entrepreneur, I'm sure you have heard a lot about relevance and how important it is in business. The importance of relevance cannot be overemphasised.

The message you are passing on to clients and potential clients must apply to the time and place we're operating in today. Everyone knows about the pandemic so it's only important that your message shows that you know about it too and care.

2. Quantity: 

With the lockdown reduced to a curfew, many people are still indoors and these people are consuming more content than before the lockdown. With the increase in the rate of online content consumption, your target market might as well be consuming your content rather than the content of others.

Social media algorithms work largely due to supply and demand, whether it is organic or unpaid media or it is social media or paid advertising e.g. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or YouTube ads. Since there is a large increase in demand for content, there should be an increase in supply from you. 

Your target market has a massive demand for content right now, and they will consume it from somebody, it might as well be you.

The ability to create content right now will lay the foundation for future successes. When the economy picks up, you'll be in a better position to benefit from all that branding you've spent time building.

3. Channel Selection: 

While many fashion businesses are not operating, as usual, it's a good time to take a step back and look at your social media platforms. You need to analyse and evaluate them and make sure they are drawing attention.

Many fashion entrepreneurs pick social media channels by chance, guesswork, or by listening to one expert or the other. While this is not bad, you need to look for what is relevant to your business and apply that.

There has to be an alignment between your business, your message, your market and the way your audience consumes content.

Now is a good time to step back and make sure you're making the right social media strategic moves. Ask yourself;

  • Where are my people? This goes a long way in determining where you should advertise. Are you making clothes for the stylish youth or are you making clothes for older executives, this will determine where you should be.
  • What kind of content do I like to make? Different people like to make different types of content, you might be camera shy and like text or maybe you prefer to talk, all these come with different social media channel options.
  • Where is the overlap between my audience and the type of content I like to make? Answer these questions logically instead of emotionally, and it will help you line things up clearly. E.g. for an audience less than 35 years old and if you like creating short posts and quotes, then Instagram it is; for audience 35 years and older, more business-oriented people then, and if you like to make videos, then Facebook or is; for audience age 18 to 65 and if you like to make videos, then YouTube it is and if you want to do strictly business to business marketing for your clothing items, then LinkedIn it is.

4. Solutions: 

Identify where your target markets' single biggest pain point is, what problems are they going through, then figure out where your business is uniquely positioned to solve that problem for them.

Your solution will guide them towards your business as the provider of those solutions.

If their biggest problem is finding where to buy NCDC standard face masks or if it is having fashion designers always disappointing them, then show them that you can solve their problem for them. 

5. Entertainment: 

Entertainment in some way, shape or form is one thing people need at this point. When you're making content, be it videos, podcasts, or text, try to put in that little effort to make it more entertaining.

Entertainment will pay massively especially while a lot of people need things to distract their minds from being at home. You don't always have to put out extremely serious content all the time, sometimes be entertaining with your content, you can add a bit of fun to your text or do a fun video on dressing fails while still passing your message across.

This doesn't mean you should not be authentic or you should turn into a clown, it just means you should be 10% more of who you are. 

6. Humanity: 

Humanize your business and brand on social media. People want you and your personality in your business and your brand. They want to be able to connect with you on a human level.

Don't always try to seem perfect. Being relatable, authentic, and human helps build connections and trust and helps foster a relationship with your clients that will stand the test of time.

7. Advertising: 

Now is the time to spend money on advertising more than ever. Ad costs right now are way lower than they have been in years. 

In advertising though, you need to be careful. Yes, it's costing less to reach people but also, fewer people are buying so you have to make sure your ad is the right fit for your business. Let it pass the message of your business across in a very clear and precise manner.

Having great social media marketing strategies is important for any business. Which other things do you think can be included in the social media marketing strategies of fashion businesses? Please drop your comments in the comment section below. Don't forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed this read 🙂.


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