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5 Tips To Improve Your Fashion Business From Valerie Boglo of Valisimo Fashions

June 16, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Every fashion business passes through times when business is moving slowly and sales are not quite as good as they used to be. At these points in time, you wonder what steps to take to get your fashion business to the next level.

Valeris Boglo of Valisimo Fashion shares 5 tips on how to improve your fashion business in this video

Tips To Improve Fashion Business

1. Do More Than you are Paid to do

I know, this sounds like quite a cliche, but in reality, it does work. Many fashion entrepreneurs think, "Why do I have to go the extra mile to please a client? Why do I need to do Xyz for this client when she only paid me to do x?" 

The idea behind the concept of doing more than you are paid to do is that you are building brand equity between you and the client. Sometimes, in doing more, the referrals you will get from that particular client will be triple what you would have gotten if you had not done more.

The number of clients she will bring to you as a result of you doing more for her than you were paid to do is brand equity. Soon enough, you will reap the benefits of going the extra mile to please every client.

2. Give Out your Most Valuable Information

This concept works all the time in magical ways. As a fashion designer who has a fashion school, giving out valuable pieces of information draws people to your fashion schools more than most other things will.

And, as a fashion designer without a fashion school, when you are giving out your best in terms of the creations you have done, people get to see your work on clients and in other places. This gives them the impression that you know your business. They begin to see you as an authority in your field.

3. Have Regular Giveaways

Be willing to spend part of your money to encourage a client to still remain with you.

It is important to constantly improve your business through promotions, reaching out to clients, and incentives. When you tell a client, "Sew one outfit and get one outfit free." or "Bring two fabrics and I'll sew one free of charge for you.", that client will always be with you especially if you are giving out your best.

4. Don't be a Second "Him" or "Her"

Always do you. Have your mentors but at the same time, ensure that as you have these mentors you are bringing you to the table.

While it is important to have a mentor, you should not strive to always be like that mentor in all areas. Doing this makes you set yourself up in such a way that your clients now expect the same quality and style from you that your mentor has.

When you don't have it, they start seeing you as a copycat who isn't as good as the original.

5. Show up at Events

Many fashion entrepreneurs do not attend any social function but yet expect to be known. People do business with people they know, like, and love. If no one knows you, no one will be able to like you, and if no one likes you, how will they patronise you?

Endeavour, as a fashion entrepreneur, to attend social functions. You might not necessarily like every event you have to attend but go there with a new outfit on to market your fashion brand. Let people see what you can do. Be your brand ambassador.

Now, go out geared with these 5 tips on improving your fashion brand and take the world by storm. You can do it!



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