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5 Marketing Tips Every Fashion Entrepreneur Needs To Grow Their Business

May 05, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

Every business, big or small, has a way of marketing their products to get them in the view of potential clients. From big fashion houses like Louis Vuitton to small fashion brands, every one has ways they reach clients and create brand awareness.

Marketing is one of the single most important topics small businesses should learn, study and really deploy in business. - Adam Edhart.

Adam Edhart, in this video, shared 5 marketing tips small business owners can deploy to take their business to the next level.

1. Not Everything is Created Equal:

There's this advice that says business owners should do everything and go everywhere in a bid to market their products. This is one of the singularly worst advice any business owner can take; your target market is not doing everything or going everywhere, so why should you?

Business owners should instead find a way to make the 80/20 rule work for them. The 80/20 rule, in a nutshell, states that 80% of results you get comes from 20%of the efforts you make. It is therefore your duty as a fashion entrepreneur to find that 20% of effort that will deliver 80% of results and use it to your advantage.

2. Market, Message, Media (Match):

As a fashion entrepreneur, you need to find the alignment between your market, message and media. Getting this right creates a foundation to build all future marketing campaigns on. There are 3 key areas under this:

a. Right People: Your ideal target market, which is that person who loves you, loves what you do, wants to buy from you, is happy to pay for your services and refer you to all their family and friends, needs to hear about your business. Your task is to define who they are in order to attract them.

b. Right Things: This is dependent on the right people. It helps you make sure thay you're doing the right things and putting your message in front of the right people. To do this, you have to uncover their miracles and their miseries.

Their miracles are all the things they want i.e. wants, dreams, goals, aspirations etc, and their miseries are all the things they don't want i.e. fears, problems, concerns etc. Your task is to help them cross the bridge from misery to miracle.

The better you understand their problems, the better you can position your business to be the solution. In doing this, always make sure you prioritise clarity over creativity. 

Don't be so creative that your target market doesn't realise you're for them.

c. Right Place: Here, you want to pick the social media channels your target market is active and present on.

No matter how exciting a platform might be or is advertised to be, if your target market is not on it then ignore it. 

3. Educational Based Marketing:

This is one of the most effective forms of marketing techniques because it allows you to do marketing that doesn't look like marketing. Humans, generally tend to respect, appreciate and admire people who teach them things and give them information.

When you are the one creating content, teaching people and showing them things they may not have known before, your business can't help but be seen as the expert or authority in your market space.

Don't just create the content, find a way to promote and distribute it and make sure it is getting in front of your target market. This is easier when you use the channels you have identified above to disseminate information in different forms;

a. Lead Magnet: As the name implies, it is a valuable piece of content you give your clients in exchange for their contact details e.g. name and email address.

b. Pillar Content: These are really detailed or in depth articles or blog posts that provide a ton of value to clients but do not require contact details for access to them.

c. Feeder Content: These are smaller snippets of pillar contents with references to lead magnets. They are driven towards pillar content and lead magnet. You can use it as a way to direct your clients to the pillar contents and then to lead magnet so you can eventually get their contact details.

4. Automated Lead Generator:

This allows you to take traffic from all your sources and guide them through a process of exchanging lead magnets for content. After you have done this, follow them up with a strategic story telling sequence through email and target ads.

When combined with educational based marketing, the entire process can be automated and reach clients in a way that is non intrusive. The content should be in an engaging form that clients can interact with in an ethical and enjoyable fashion.

5. Follow-Up:

This is where the fortune really is. While there are different ways to follow-up on client, email is one of the most efficient ways. Doctors, lawyers and accountants all contact their clients through emails, so why can't you?

Email is a respected channel and it is a direct pathway to customers. The emails you send can be used to retarget clients and remarket products.

These tips are simple steps every fashion entrepreneur can use to grow their clientele. You should really consider picking them up.


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