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10 Tips On How To Scale Up Your E-Commerce Fashion Shop

July 13, 2020 | by Iyin | 0 Comments

In this technology age we live in, online retailing is nonnegotiable for anyone who wants their business to grow. As a fashion entrepreneur, the advantages of online retailing - from helping you reach a whole new audience to taking your brand worldwide -  are endless.

After you have established an online store, the next thing is to grow it. Because, what is the point of having an online store if it's not growing? This is why we have brought to you 10 tips on how to grow your online fashion shop. Enjoy!

Tips On Scaling Your Online Fashion Shop

Build A Memorable Brand

Building a memorable brand and clearly defining what the brand is about is very key to growing any business. As a fashion entrepreneur, branding is one thing you should pay critical attention to.

Building a memorable brand implies building a brand that stands out of the crowd in terms of goods and services offered. It also involves letting your customers know exactly what it is you are selling, showing them the advantage your brand offers over others, and the benefits your brand offers them.

You can achieve this by defining your niche, telling a compelling brand story, and being consistent with what you give out. The content you put out also has to be relevant to clients for them to keep coming back and telling others about you.

Make Your E-Commerce Site User Friendly

Have you ever come across a website that is so hard to navigate and find things on? I know I have and it completely put me off that site. As a fashion entrepreneur who is trying to grow an online business, you have to make sure your website is user friendly.

I'm talking easy to navigate, easy to search for products on, gives clear descriptions of products, and so on. And since we live in a world where almost everyone is always on their phone, you have to make sure your website is both desktop and mobile-friendly. 

To achieve this, you need to understand customer behaviour on both desktop and mobile so you can present your website and content in the best way possible to them. This means you have to optimise key elements in such a way that they speak to the right types of audiences.

Optimise for SEO

While you might feel like you can get all your sales through social media, making your site rank high on search engines is very important. This is because when someone makes an online search, the person is most likely looking for something and their intention might be to buy that something.

So, when building your website, you want to make sure it ranks and is one of the results that come out from a search. You can do this by inserting keywords your buyers use on search engines into your site. You have to also make sure your site is scannable by search engines and that your products are what you say they are.

Email Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not old fashioned and ineffective. Especially if your target market is the working class and busy individual, email marketing will work wonders for your fashion business. 

Through email marketing, you can build relationships with your audience, keep them in the know of what is happening with your brand, and always remain top of their minds. Email marketing is undoubtedly an essential method of communicating with your e-commerce customers.

To grow your e-commerce fashion shop using e-mail marketing, you can start by customising e-mails sent out to your customers based on what they have purchased in the past and sending e-mails to remind customers of items left in their cart. You can also send e-mails to those who have never purchased from you but who might be potential customers to market what you have to them.

Make Your Site Shoppable Through Third Party Sites

When building your e-commerce shop, it is important to ensure that you diversify your traffic sources by making your site is shoppable through third party sites like Instagram and Facebook. Using Facebook shops is a way you can set up a storefront on Facebook and Instagram for free, and when customers click on something they want to buy it redirects them to your site.

Doing this means that you can use the engaged audience you already have on your social media pages to your advantage. It also makes it easier for your customers to purchase items because they don't have to worry about taking too many actions or clicks before they can buy or find a product. 

You can also make use of Google business posts to your advantage. Once your site is verified with Google, you can post different promotions or calls to action for free. They also provide analytics to show how much engagement a post gets.

Make Use of Technology

We are in the technology age and you need to embrace the use of technology. To save time and make you more effective as a business owner, you need to automate a lot of your processes. Payments processing, responses to customers' queries, and the likes should be automated to make for a more seamless process. 

You should use technology to save time, money, and effort and make your company more efficient. 

Focus On Customer Support

The importance of customer service and customer support is huge. To grow your e-commerce business, you need to pay close attention to this. Customers will have enquiries and complaints about your products and you need to learn to handle them right. 

How you deal with customer queries and complaints determines how your customers will perceive your brand to be and you want it to be good. You need to, by all means, find a way to keep customers happy if you wish to scale up your e-commerce fashion shop. 

While it is great to have automated responses for clients who reach out to you, it is also important to have that human factor involved. In responding to customer queries and complaints you need to read and understand their issues before responding, as opposed to sending already prepared responses to them.

Effective customer service can turn one-time customers into loyal shoppers. 

One way to grow your loyal customer base is to give premium customer service, offer discounts to loyal customers, and have giveaways so your customers know you see them.

Leverage Customer Reviews And Feedbacks

Having customer reviews and testimonials on your e-commerce site works wonders. When first-time shoppers see other customer's reviews on your site it encourages them to purchase from you as well. Reviews have a way of shoppers' trust so it is an important aspect of scaling your fashion e-commerce shop.

When negative reviews come in, make sure to respond to them promptly, appropriately, and thoroughly so they do not leave a bad impression on other shoppers. You also need to ensure that you take customers' feedback and use them to the advantage of your business. This will greatly grow your e-commerce shop.

Create A Strong Marketing Campaign

No matter what level your business is on, you still need to market it. Marketing brings growth, keeps your brand in the minds of your customers, and ensures your products reach a new audience. The growth of your e-commerce business is hinged, to a large extent, on how well you market it.

You can use top marketing methods like social media marketing and email marketing (as mentioned above) to scale up your e-commerce shop.

Try Collaboration

Collaboration, when done right, can greatly grow your fashion e-commerce shop. As a fashion entrepreneur, you can collaborate with larger organisations, smaller organisations, or brands that target your ideal customers with another product.

Collaboration helps you reach more customers and gives your audience something different from the norm which will invariably grow your e-commerce shop. Always remember, however, that the collaboration has to offer a win-win situation for both you and the other brand.

Growing an e-commerce site does not happen overnight, but with determination and by applying the tips listed above you can surely do it. 


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